Top 10 Best Cricketers Of World

Here is a list of some of the Best Cricket Players all around the world.

Sir Vivian Richards

Born on 7 march 1952 Sir Vivian Richards represented West Indies team debuted against India in a test match on 22 november 1974. He played 121 test matches with an average of around 50 and 187 ODIs with an average of 47.

Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist nicknames “Gilly” was a former Australian Wicket Keeper Batsman who debut  in a test match against Pakistan on 5 november 1999. He is said to be one of the best wicket keeper in the world. He has played 96 tests and 287 ODIs in his cricketing career.

Kapil dev

Kapil Dev is a former Indian Cricketer born on 6 january 1959 in chandigarh. He was the first Indian captain to bring the World Cup to India in 1983. Debuted against Pakistan in tests on 16 october 1978, Kapil Dev was considered one of the best all rounders in the world.

Wasim Akram

Acknowledged as one of the best fast bowler and captain of Pakistan Cricket team Wasim Akram was born on 3 june 1966 in Lahore, Pakistan. He debuted against New Zealand on 25 january 1985 in a test match while he made an ODI debut before on 23 november 1984 against New Zealand.

Brian Lara

Known as a batting legend who scored an unbeatable score of 400 in a test match, Brian Lara was one the best batsman all around the world from West Indies. He was born on 2 may 1969 and made an ODI debut on 9 november 1990 against Pakistan.

Ricky Ponting

One of the most Successful captains from Australia, Ricky Ponting enjoyed his captaincy career from 2004 to 2011 in tests an ODI formats. He was born on 19 December 1974 in Launceston, Australia. He made an ODI debut against South Africa on 15 february 1995.

Sachin Tendulkar

Known as the “Master Blaster” and the “Little Master”, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is an Indian Batsman who is considered to be the “God Of Cricket“. He was born on 24 april 1973 in Mumbai, India. He has an unbeaten record of 100 centuries in all formats. He made a test debut on 15 november 1989 against Pakistan. 

Glenn Donald McGrath

Glenn Donald McGrath is a former Australian player who played 14 years for Australia. He is one of the most feared and best bowlers of that era. He was born on 9 february 1970 in Dubbo, Australia. He made a test debut on 12 November 1993 against New Zealand.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni commonly known as MS Dhoni and “Mahi” by his fans was born on 7 july 1981 in Ranchi, India. He is the most successful captain for India till now and he is the only captain to win all the ICC trophies. Dhoni is also known as the “Best Finisher” of all time in cricket. He made an ODI debut on 23 december 2004 against Bangladesh.   

Sir Donald Bradman

Known as “THE DON“, SIr Donald Bradman was an Australian batsman who was the best of his time. He has a test batting average of 99.94 which is a record of all time. Born on 27 august 1908 in Cootamundra, Australia sir Bradman made his test debut in 30 november 1928 against England. He passed away on 25 February 2001 in Kensington Park, Australia.

There are many more players in the world who are really good but we cannot fit everyone in this list. I hope you will like this article and share it with everyone. Thanks for your interest and time.

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