Technology : Change In Communication

Technology has changed immensely over the years all around the world. Many things have changed in the technology but we talk about only one thing that faced a drastic change in the last two decades. We are talking about the “Medium Of Communication”.

In today’s time we all have smartphones by which we can easily contact anyone anywhere around the world. Even a 5 year old kid knows how to make a call via smartphone. In the previous time it was not that easy to communicate to each other, charges were very high, long distance calls always has the disturbance, people mostly were unaware of internet and uses of internet even internet charges were very high at that time. Communication started with a Telegraph service in the 18th century and led the foundation of the devices that we use today like “Telephones“, “Radio“, “Internet“, “Mobile Phones“.

Mobile phones are very common these days due to its handy nature and Lightweight. Internet is a part of you smartphones today and you can use it easily to communicate with anyone for free. From paying “High Charges” just for a couple of minutes for any international call to talking for hours for free, medium of communication has changed immensely and it will be updating in the coming years. When Mobile Phones came in the market to replace telephones, they were not this much popular like the way they are in the present time only high class people have the capacity to afford it at that time. With the time growing we saw many changes in the concept of mobile phones. Mobiles came with heavy and black and white display in the past but now you can even see a foldable smartphone in the market.

With the technological advancement in the area of communication and the mediums through which we communicate has developed very severely. Smartphones in the starting were very costly and only a few companies were selling smartphones in the market but this scenario changed, more and more innovations were made in this field and suddenly we saw a wide range of smartphones in the market of different price range. With the increased competition and increasing¬† demands of all people, smartphones got “Cheaper” and more “Affordable“. We saw buttons on the screen of the smartphone but now in the present time you will not even see the bezels in smartphones.

Currently more innovation is being made in this field and more and more things are yet to come and we can expect something more unique, new and more interesting with every year passing. Tech giants like Apple, Samsung, One Plus are working every year to bring something new for us and always have an upper hand on their competitors. In the present scene Samsung is leading this innovation race among all other brands with the largest market share in the world. Every year something new is announced and that new thing comes the problem what is going to be the next viral innovation in this field. Innovation will go on and you will see something new and more efficient every time.

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