Story of An Unknown Talent

This is the story of a boy named Manroop from Deori near Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. He was a really talented Cricket player. He used to travel from Deori to Jabalpur in train daily for his cricket coaching. He was not that strong from his home, his father was a postman and his mother was house maker and worked on her free time as a pot maker. Manroop was in 9th standard when he discovered that he has the ability to play good cricket. There was no cricket coaching available in his village so he joined a Cricket Academy in Jabalpur which is 15-20 minutes far from hs village. He travelled through train daily after his school and comes home at 6:30 everyday. After coming home, he used to study for some hours and helped his parents in household activities. His father knew that Manroop was really interested in playing cricket and he always supported him in his decision but deep down his father knew that maroop will not be able to go far in this game because he will not be able to support him for a long time.

Manroop became one of the best players of his academy during initial time, he even represented his team many times in state matches after some years. He passed his school and now he got selected in a college because of his very fine skills in cricket. He moved from Deori to a hostel in Jabalpur. He played for his college team and even for the state team during his college time but suddenly he got news that his father passed away. He left for his village and after this incident he was all alone on his own. His father’s salary was the only source of income for his family and now he has to be the supporting son to his mother.

Fortunately, because of his great performance in cricket he got an offer from the railways to join them and play for them, he accepted the offer and both manroop and his mother shifted from Deori to Jabalpur permanently. After the sudden demise of his father his goals changed from being a cricketer to be a supportive person for his family. However, he got settled after getting this job and was earning well for his family but his dream to be a cricketer shattered inside which made him realise not all dreams come true in life you have to adjust with you circumstances and move on. 

This can be a story of many people who have to sacrifice their passion and move on to something else because of the financial conditions. Following your passion is a good thing but sometimes it is not  in your destiny and you have to accept that fact of life and move forward with a hope that everything will be fine at the end. 

Thank you everyone for reading out this story and if you liked it please tell me and if you know someone who has the same story share this story with them.

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