Delhi : City of Pollution

“Delhi” is the capital of “India” and one of the most overpopulated cities in all over the world. Delhi comes in the “Top 5” overpopulated cities of the world. Due to the increase in population there is a double increase in demand for everything else. 

This overpopulation has polluted the environment of delhi and disgraced a beautiful city. People usually come here from neighbouring states in search of jobs and ends up living here with their family. The geographical area of delhi not that big as compared to any other neighboring state but due to privatisation in delhi, there are a lot of jobs available for every person and that’s the main reason people are shifting to delhi and polluting the environment and atmosphere of Delhi. 

Due to more population, people need a place to live as well so they are cutting the trees and making houses and apartments over there which is resulting in low rainfall after every year and the water level from the ground is declining every year. As per estimates 40% of Delhi will have no access of water by 2020, which is a big concern and still people are cutting trees and making it worse for the people living here. There are still many areas in Delhi where you will face the shortage of water because there is no water left in the ground levels. People itself are the reason for polluting this city and if they keep doing this, the consequences may be more severe and more worse for everyone living in Delhi and nearby areas. 

This is only one kind of pollution you will also experience a lot of noise pollution created by the vehicles. People living here are very limited piece of land left and yet some people are interested in buying more and more vehicles. Lot of vehicles are on the road and causing traffic jams everywhere creating noises everywhere polluting the air with the smoke of vehicles. On an average every single house here has two cars and at least 2-3 bike or scooter and if you talk about the family size it is only 3 members. What is the use of other vehicles then? Every single person is driving other vehicle which is the basic reason people has to be stuck in traffic jams and complaining about the noise pollution and jams. 

One of the “Most Developed Cities” of India yet people here are least interested in keeping the Capital “Clean” and “Green”. People throws the garbage here and there on roads ever after having dustins in every corner of the roads. People living here have polluted this beautiful city which is the biggest tourist spots of India. It is high time people should understand this and start making wiser decisions to make this capital a worth visiting spot for everyone around the globe.

Thankyou for taking out your time and reading this article. Share it with as many people as you can and make them aware about the increasing pollution. Hope you all liked it.

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